1. Fentrol.hu score game (hereinafter: Game) is organised by the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest (hereinafter: Organiser).

2. Anybody can take part who is registered at fentrol.hu website and has a valid e-mail address. The one joining the Game (hereinafter: Player) accepts the rules of the Game by starting to edit the images. Player is informed about the Game and access of the rules in the feedback e-mail sent by Organiser after successful editing – along with the way of cancellation to take part in the Game.

3. The employees of the Organiser’s Division of Geodesy and Remote Sensing, Department of Geodesy Remote Sensing and Land Offices, its partners and their family members named in the Act V/2013 on Civil Code 8:1. § cannot take part in the game.

4. All Players earn points for the correct editing of an aerial photo depending on how difficult is to position them. The particular values (1-11) can be seen on the edition surface.

5. Time period of the Game: 1st October 2018, 00:00 am – 30st November 2018, 24:00 pm. After this period points can still be earned for correct editing of the images, but these further points do not authorise Players to take part in a Game – until new game is announced. Only those points are credited in the Game that had been formerly approved or transcategorized by the website administrator (successful editing). Those points can be added in this Game that have been gathered in this period considering the date of edition and save of the photos – irrespectively from the date of approval.  When the Game is over, at last by 4th December 2018 the final result is launched by Organiser on the fentrol.blog.hu site and the Players are informed about the gift parcel via their e-mail address given at registration.

6. Those first 15 Players earning the highest points in the time period of the Game, get gift parcels after the Game.

7. Those first 8 Players earning the highest points in the time period of the Game are authorised to take part on a workshop visit at the Organiser’s office at Bosnyák tér at announced date and time. Player’s authority to get gift parcel is independent of taking part in the workshop visit.

8. Those players successfully editing at least 150 images are also entitled to take part on a workshop visit, but in case their points are fewer than the highest 15 points, they are not authorised to get gift parcels.

9. In half-time of the game period, the score of the game (the actual points of the participants) will be announced within 5 working days at the latest at the fentrol.blog.hu.

10. Gift parcels can be taken over personally at the Customer Service of Organiser (1149 Budapest, Bosnyák tér 5.) between 8:30 and 12:30 on working days, within 30 days after the final result of the score game is released. The ones sending an e-mail request within 10 days from the release date, will receive parcel via post in case of a Hungarian postal address. Postal cost is paid by Organiser. In case the consignee does not take over the gift parcel neither by post nor personally or not even send an e-mail request, than the one becomes unauthorised.

11. The gift parcels are prohibited to hand over to anyone else or exchange for cash or other gift.

12. The personal data of the Players are handled and protected in accordance with Fentrol.hu The General Contractual Conditions.

13. In case of any discrepancies between the Hungarian and English versions of the Rules of the Game the Hungarian version shall prevail which can be found on the fentrol.hu website.